New Website for Business Evolution with Teck General Builders

We here at Tiller Media Group have had the privilege of working along side Ty and Kristi Alhussaini with Teck General Builders for many years now. We met them soon after their move to Iowa from Washington State. Their intention was to own their own business here in Iowa. They opened Teck General Builders and starting helping people remodel their existing homes.

Des_Moines_ContractorsAs their business continued, Ty could see what aspects of the construction business he really enjoyed. As he has received more and more requests from home owners, he has moved his business into more of a builder/contractor role than a small project remodel role.

As this evolution took place, the website we had built for him from a remodeling stand point didn’t reflect his new construction business that was growing. We revamped his website and added a mobile friendly design. This has created a great user experience for his clients who visit his website.



des-moines-contractors-websitesIn January 2015 we launched the new website.

This new website show cases all of Ty’s homes in beautiful pictures. This gives visitors to his website the opportunity to see what kind of builder he is. They can see what material he uses and the craftsmanship involved in his finished product. Kitchens come to life before their eyes. They can see the quality Teck General Builders brings to the table and compare it to any other home builders they may be looking into. Bathrooms are a specialty of Teck’s so there is plenty of pictures of those on his website.



A big achievement since Ty started to pursue his dreams of being a home builder is that he has designed floor plan with maximum square footage at an incredibly affordable price point. As a family man with three boys, Ty can relate to home owner’s need for more space at a small cost.

For the visitors to his website, the website looks great and is easy to use on all mobile devices. des-moines-contractors-mobile-website


As local small business owners ourselves, we understand how a business can be molded over time to reflect the desires of you as a business owner. We want people to look at your website and get a feel for what you and how you do it without reading any words. That is why we love to partner with our clients in making everything they do online look like the business that they actually provide. Sometimes, it is an evolution.

If your business needs a new website for your evolution, please contact us 515-608-8018


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