G6 Power Solutions – A Website to Impact your World

Wind Power, Solar Power, and lighting are a hot topic with the growth of businesses focused on saving money and protecting the environment. G6 Power Solutions is leading the way with effective alternative power resources.

By 2020, Federal Regulations state that 20% of all power consumption will have to come from an alternative energy source.  It is G6 power solution’s passion to utilize these energy solutions to leave their mark in the world.

Their unique approach to energy is to incorporate high levels of education to their partners in the process. They believe their “Join the Movement” motto will push alternative energy to the forefront.

What is great about their Website:

  • Request an Appointment tab at the top of the page
  • Education and Information is combined on each page
  • Contact information is easy to find
  • Easy to use on any device
  • Big picture buttons for easy navigation on the website

G6 Power Solutions works to offsets power usage and creates cost effective power efficiency solutions for manufacturers, building owners, farms, co-ops, schools, municipalities, convenience stores, turkey barns, hog confinements, car dealerships and many other types of facilities and operations. We are happy to partner with them in making their website so easy to use.

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