Gateholders Coaching – Changing Careers

Working with clients on their business is so exciting to us. The reason it is so exciting, is that, when you get right down to it, you are working with them on their vision. Their dream.

That was definitely the case with Gateholders Coaching. Michelle and Laura, of Gateholders Coaching, met with us and shared their need for a website in a business that neither one of them had ever worked in before. Starting this awesome adventure would mean a career change for them both. A scary proposition if you have never done it before!

Gateholders provides life coaching to students and parents; others are business professionals and leaders. They often work with individuals who are transitioning from one phase of life to the next.

So after meeting with them it was clear that they did possess a strong vision of what their new careers would look like. The wanted the website to “feel” a certain way. We could totally relate to this kind of language, being entrepreneurs ourselves. So we got to work building the dream they had within them.

What is great about the website:

  • It has the who, what, where, and why factor. It’s clear from a quick look what Gateholders is about.
  • Beautiful pictures tell their story visually.
  • The website speaks to the audience that it is trying to reach.
  • Hope fulled statements on every page give the reader a sense of empowerment.
  • Their authentic coaching will meet your expectation that was set by the website.

We are always so proud to work with clients like these that are willing to take a big chance on themselves. Opportunities like this allows us to be encouraged in our own endeavors which is priceless to the growth of our company.


If you are looking at a career change and want a company with the patience and know-how to help you please call us 515-608-8018.




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