Heartland Church – Longtime Working Relationship

Since starting the website portion of Tiller Media Group, we have had the privilege of working for many ministries. One of our longest standing relationships has been with Heartland Church in Ankeny, IA.

With a ministry, a website has to have many functions. It becomes a hub for all the activity and information about the ministry. With all of these functions, consistency and accuracy becomes the main concerns. Making sure that the correct information is easily accessible to the users is the goal.

What we love about Heartland’s website:

  • Easy layout with room on the main page for all updates
  • Built in media players for the current sermon and video announcements
  • Archive for earlier sermons
  • Quick to update the Calendar of events
  • Video Slider on the front page

Heartland Church has been serving Ankeny, Iowa for years and if you visit the church you will soon discover their great passionate pursuit of a spiritual awakening in the Midwest, intercession, a lifestyle of fasting, and the earnest study of God’s Word. Strong churches are so needed in any community wanting to focus on young, growing families.

You can find their sermons online as well as on the radio locally.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to do more and more for Heartland Church such as their audio editing and their weekly video announcements. We have truly enjoyed working with them so closely and look for ward to many years of working together to come.

If you are a ministry and you need help with your website or other projects, please call us at 515-608-8018.


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