Lawman Guitars – A website to grow a Business

Since 2002, Lawman Guitars in Des Moines Iowa has been providing guitar buyers with the best in vintage guitars, rare guitars, used guitars, and vintage amplifiers.

In 2011, we met with Lawman Mike, of Lawman Guitars, after he reached out to us. He was looking for an online home for his vintage guitar store other than ebay, where he was currently selling most of his items. He wanted the ability to grow his business and possibly sell it at the right time.

BUT, there was a catch! We didn’t start with the design of his website. He wanted to test our creativity and how we worked with clients by building a couple of videos for some songs that he had written.

Knowing how awesome our video work is, we knew this wasn’t even close to a fair test, but we didn’t mention that. We got to work on what Mike wanted. We listened to his ideas for the video and delivered over and above his expectations, landing us the website afterwards.

Mike is well known in the vintage guitar world for his cool guitars and his integrity, so we jumped at the chance to build something to represent his business online.

What rocks about his website:

  • Vintage theme of background sets the mood
  • Pictures and descriptions for every item for sell
  • Three words: GUITAR DEMO REEL!
  • Easy Access to his Reverb Store
  • Review the Guitars by giving them 5 stars!

With Steve’s, the owner of Tiller Media Group, background in music and as a musician, we have thoroughly enjoyed working with Mike on all his projects. He keeps his website fresh and alive by adding new videos of his best finds that we also film and edit for him.

Mike is living proof that if you share your love and passion with others, that will respond.

If you want to take your business to the next level by adding an online store please call us at 515-608-8018

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