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Online consumer spending is expected to top $327 Billion in 2016

Consumers are spending more and more time shopping online. In fact, the amount of time consumers spent on online retail jumped 104% to 34.9 billion minutes in February 2013 compared with 17.1 billion minutes in February 2010. Much of these increases can be attributed to the explosion in the use of smartphones and tablets.

According to Forrester Research, Consumers will spend $327 Billion online in 2016. Click here to read the full article.

But consumers won’t just buy anything from anyone online. Today’s consumers look for features and efficiencies that enhance their online experiences. The are seasoned online shoppers who don’t have time to waste on eCommerce Websites that don’t meet their expectations.

Tiller web design keeps this is mind as we build a website that will feature your products or services well. Our platforms are capable of giving consumers the user friendly enjoyment they are looking for. These features are critical as to how well your online store preforms.

For instance, providing reviews of your products and services can bring a huge boost in sales online. Did you know that consumers say they trust independent reviews by others just as they would a referral from a friend? Also, online stores give you the opportunity to offer a wide selection of products and services that perhaps would be difficult to house in your brick and mortar business.

We have dynamic platforms that are easy for you and your employees to use. Updates on our website are a breeze which allows you to make changes often and keep your online store fresh. Our clean design to house your merchandise and present your company as a preferred online store.

We have integrated systems captures your customers data and prepares it for the next step while they still allow your customers a great experience on your website. By combining these elements together, you can raise your eCommerce success to the level that you have always wanted.

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