Jewels Store – Simple Design Sells

Jewels Store – Simple Design Sells

Buy the jewelry, find the dress is the motto of the Jewels Store. Jewels is an online jewelry store for women who cherish elegance and classic design. They contacted us to create a website as timeless as their jewelry. This is a new company that will only have an online store for now.

We knew from the beginning the key to this project would be the difficult work of keeping things simple. Anyone who has ever tried to build or design a layout for a website knows the skill that a simple design needs.

Key Elements of this Design:

  • Home Page Slide show that tells the story
  • Photography to Die for
  • Online Store connected to the website
  • Displays of the Breathe taking Jewelry – of course!
  • Easy use on your mobile phone
  • Built-in shopping cart for online ordering

This company was born after the owner visited a beautiful Dead Sea gift shop. She saw, what she knew was…THE MOST BEAUTIFUL JEWELRY IN THE WORLD. She turned to her husband and said, “I know a thousand women who will want this.”

We wish them the best in their brand new adventure!

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