Call Tracking & Reporting

Call Tracking & Reporting

Call Tracking & Full Analysis! Daily calls to your business are very important to the health of your Sales and Customer Service.

Every contact with your customer is an opportunity to be ceased or lost. As the leading Des Moines Internet marketing agency, we created a call tracking & reporting phone system that keeps our clients on top of all the calls that are received each day by their business.

Each time a customer calls your business through one of your assigned, tracking phone numbers, we capture the caller’s phone number, call date and time, location and use this data to help our clients determine the growth and return on investment for their marketing campaigns.

The amount of calls received can be measured and monitored. Making sure that your are getting the most out of every call brings an increase to your business.

In Business… the things that you measure, GROW!

As most business owners will tell you, their days are very busy and they can’t be there to answer every call that comes in to the business. But if you don’t personally answer each call then how will you know the amount of calls that are received, what type of calls are coming in, and how the staff is handling those calls?

Without a tracking and reporting system in place, your best effort would be to ask individual employees for their feedback. This may not be the most helpful way to get the information you need to grow your business.

Your Business needs to be able to

  • Track phone calls from paid advertising
  • Record phone calls to review and improve sales and customer service
  • Detailed call reporting to measure the growth in your business

At Tiller Media Group, we help our client grown their business with real numbers and stats so that they can make truly informed decisions about their business and marketing campaigns. Our proprietary call tracking systems is one of the ways we track success and measure real growth.


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