Local SEO

Don’t you wish your business was here? By managing your local listing, promoting you customer reviews, and participating in online promos, your customers can actually find you before they see your competition.

Right now, while you are reading this webpage, people are searching for your products and services in your city. That’s important to remember because recent studies have shown that people who need a local service or product will take the time to do online research before they call a business or company. So the question is, are they finding you or finding your competition?

What is Local Marketing using the Internet?

Local SEO Marketing is the art of making sure that your business is listed correctly in the local directory listings and with the major search engines like Yahoo, Google & Bing. Each listing needs to be setup and created correctly to work properly with your companies website.

A professional crafted presence online combined with an aggressive SEO strategy for your website, will increase your overall online visibility and help you to achieve higher listing in the search engines while beating out your competitors. While results from local newspaper, radio and TV advertising continue to suffer, you can’t afford to not have local Internet marketing campaigns running for your business. Everyday, quality customers are looking on the web for your companies products and services. It’s important to make sure your business is highly visible on the first page of the search engines to win their business.

We Can Help!

At Tiller Media, we help businesses take control over their local seo and search engine marketing. We provide our clients with quality Internet marketing strategies and we teach them how to engage with social media to spread word-of-mouth about their business, products, and the services they offer.

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